Jerry Lawson, a self-taught engineer, gave us video game cartridges


Because its black history month in America i wanted to show you a man that changed the gaming industry.

If you’ve got fond memories of blowing into video game cartridges, you’ve got Gerald “Jerry” Lawson to thank. As the head of engineering and marketing for Fairchild Semiconductor’s gaming outfit in the mid-’70s, Lawson developed the first home gaming console that utilized interchangeable cartridges, the Fairchild Channel F. That system never saw the heights of popularity of consoles from Atari, Nintendo and Sega, but it was a significant step forward for the entire gaming industry. Prior to the Channel F, games like Pong were built directly into their hardware — there was no swapping them out to play something else — and few believed that you could even give a console a microprocessor of its own. Lawson, who passed away at 70 from diabetes complications in 2011, was the first major African-American figure in the game industry. And, just like the tech world today, it still isn’t as diverse as it should be.

Is a live action Zelda series coming to Netflix


The newest rumors from that streaming giant Netflix is in the process of working with gaming giant Nintendo in adapting The Legend of Zelda video game franchise into a live-action series. Neither company has publicly confirmed such a series is in the works, but fans of the fictional land of Hyrule are sure to be excited at the prospect of a live-action story set in the Zelda world. Fans of adapted media should also be excited, as a NetflixLegend of Zelda series represents a feasible rise in power for the faithfully adapted video game property.

Doom Mod Adds Instagram Filters and Selfie Stick


A Doom modder who goes by the name Linguica has created a mod that adds Instagram filters and a selfie stick to the classic first person shooter.

InstadDoom, as it’s called, adds 37 filters you’ll recognize from the photo and video sharing social network.

Even more impressive is that the mod includes a virtual selfie stick, which lets you take pictures of your in-game character posing with hell demons on Mars, as you can see in the image above.

Resident Evil HD Remastered coming to PS4, Xbox One

Capcom is developing a HD version of the Resident Evil remake that was first released on Nintendo’s GameCube in 2002.
The game will be released digitally for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in early 2015. It will feature full 1080p visuals as well as support for 5.1 surround sound audio.
Players will be able to pick between playing in the original 4:1 ratio or switching to 16:9. A classic control style, in addition to a style suited to modern games will be available to choose from.
Developed by Capcom Production Studio 4, the 2002 Resident Evil remake took the seminal PlayStation entry and updated gave it a complete visual overhaul as well as introduced new mechanics and systems from later entries in the series, as well puzzle design tweaks. Lets hope a HD version of Resident Evil 2 is also in the pipeline.
Take a look at the screenshots for Resident Evil HD Remastered below:

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Yoshi’s Real Name Is Revealed

This may be the most random piece of gaming news you’ll read in a while, someone out there has unearthed the real name of Nintendo mascot Yoshi.
Discovered in an official Nintendo Character Guide from yester year of 1993, some biographical information about Yoshi reveals that the green dino’s real name is…T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.
Lets just let that mouthful sink in shall we. Take a look at the image below to read more about the history of Mario’s egg-cacking mushroom-munching noble steed.


Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? Review

Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?


How is this a game I’ve never heard of before and how come everyone I talk to has never heard of it either? It has a clever game play mechanic, its script is in-depth and funny, it’s original and yet retro plus, it’s really addictive. For some reason, I hadn’t encountered it before except for once in my local game shop.

Holy Invasion is set in an 8-bit fantasy world whereyou play as an evil god of destruction awakened from a long slumber, thanks to the prayers of your loyal minion, The Overlord. He has summoned you to help him conquer the world, by creating a dungeon filled with monsters and traps to defend against an onslaught of RPG wizards and warriors. The idea is simple but what makes this game so clever and truly unique is the method you use to create and fill your dungeon.


You are given a 100x300(ish) grid of blocks to dig out your dungeon. most of these blocks are covered in a green slime, called nutrients. When you dig out one of these blocks, a small slime ball called a Slimemoss is born. These creatures roam around your dungeon eating and excreting nutrients on the blocks. Once enough builds up, a new block is formed and once that is dug out a new ant like creature called an Omnom is born (If even more gathers then a lizard man is born). The Slimemoss feed on the nutrients, bud flowers and spawn more Slimemoss. Omnoms feed on Slimemoss, then they cocoon themselves and spawn more little bliters. Lizard men feed on Omnoms, then make nests and lay eggs. With this functioning ecosystem, you have to create and maintain your dungeon.This is your defence against the heroes that assault your dungeon and attempt to capture ‘TheOverlord. There is also a magic based ecosystem that mirrors the nutrient food chain with spirits, liliths and dragons, these have to co-exist with each other. Each day you use a limited amount of digs to expand your dungeon and fight off the heroes then use your leftover dig power to upgrade your creatures. As you progress further, you learn how to use skeletons, demons and more. Its a clever RTS/Simulator, kind of reminiscent to games like the classic Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius.

I really enjoyed that this game goes a bit deeper with the actual gameplay and I’m not talking about the name (even though the name is awesome). I love how it’s reminiscent of an older era of gaming. Not only is it in a colourful pixel form which would be perfectly at home on something like the SNES or aSega. Like games that got released for these comsole, its really hard to complete, I mean really hard!


I’ve owned this game for quite some time now and I haven’t been able to complete it. Luckily there’s loads of unlockable training missions to teach the deeper elements of the game but even the later ones of those get really difficult. I’ve managed to defeat 6 or 7 of the heroes but never reached the end. Once you lose a round, you have start all the way back at the beginning, and I really love that, you don’t really see that kind of thing in games these days. Levels so hard you run out of continues before you got past them, playing a game for years before you finally even got to the final boss. I spent years playing Sonic 2 before I could beat Robotniks Death-Egg Mech, and I’ve only completed Mario 3 using the Warp Whistles and not doubt, it will be a few more years until I complete this. Can’t wait to finally finish it.

By Daniel Estephane

Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle Retro review



As a lot of my friends know, I am a sucker for a retro game especially ones I played as a child, because there’s nothing like letting your inner child out to forget about the stresses of life, even if it is only for a little while. Today I’m going to talk about one of the games that I will always go back to and that, my gamer friends is Alex Kidd in the enchanted castle. I could play this game for hours and hours. Continue reading

Resident Evil 2 Retro review



So, if you are a 90’s kid and I don’t mean you were born close to the end of the 90’s you had the pleasure of possibly owning Resident Evil 2 one of the best horror games released in my opinion especially at the time Resident Evil 2is one of the more complex games in the series. What I love about it is that it’s not just a gore fest typical of the horror genre. It is a game of hardcore strategy, with rich characters leading an intricately woven story about lies and deception in a city driven by insane, power-hungry individuals. Now one of my favourite things about this game was having 4 scenarios to play through (6 if you count Hunk and Tofu) in which you play through Clare’s scenarios A and B and Leons scenarios A and B I had never seen this before and it blew my younger self’s mind heck it still does.


So, I recently dusted off my old faithful play-station 1 and cracked in my copy of Resident evil 2 and I was instantly taken back to when I was a child and playing this game. Yes, I played M-rated games when I was 9, just like I am sure many of you have. I love the first video cut scene it still feels me with joy especially when I was a 9 year old boy I was amazed at the graphics yes I know that to today standards the graphics would seem dull and rubbish, but back then this was superior towhat I had seen before. The controls to the game are a bit tricky at first and can take a little while to get used to but once you got them down you’re sorted the only draw back to this is from the get go you are thrown strait in the middle of a pack of blood thirsty zombies that want nothing more than to nom your tasty flesh so trying to run past them can be tricky unless you want to waste your bullets on them which is not advised in my opinion as in this game every bullet counts, You will be led into a false sense of security when you have 58 handgun bullets and a first aid spray, and you’ll find yourself 2 minutes later in orange Caution with less than a clip left and dodging zombies left and right.


Something that made this game stand out for me was the puzzles you would have to complete to get further in the game now allot of the time it wasn’t so blatantly obvious what you needed to do so you really had to think. I remember it took me a good half hour to realise I had to light the fire under the portrait to get one of the gem stone the first time I played which as you can imagine is a bit frustrating but I think that added to they suspense of the game play you could be running along trying to figure out what to do then BAM!!! a Licker jumps through the 2 way mirror and you slightly soil yourself I’m not going to lie when I replayed the game after a rather long time I forgot about that bit and very nearly did need a change of underwear.

I believe this was one of the best games from the 90’s and it still stands the test of time it has been ported to multiple systems such as N64, Pc, GameCube, Dreamcast and even the I will play this game probably till the day I die as I love it so much Resident Evil 2 is what survival horror should be on all accounts I wont soon forget my trip into Raccoon City, and I sure as hell wont forget the benchmark survival horror classic that is Resident Evil 2.