Five Night’s At Freddy’s 3 is out on PC, Android version coming soon


In the ongoing bizarre saga that has been the Five Night’s At Freddy’s 3 promotional routine from Scott Cawthon, an even bigger twist has occurred, the game was released without any announcement or warning.

It just appeared on Steam and is now available for PC  Now that it is available, we do get to learn more about what will actually come with the game for Android since it doesn’t stray too far from the PC version. Also, ever the showman, FNAF creator Scott Cawthon has revealed new information about his highly anticipated sequel to the series in a mysterious way a couple of days before its release. A dark image appeared on his web page ScottGamesthat on the surface doesn’t reveal much of anything.


After some lighting manipulation, the picture is revealed to possibly be ‘Balloon Boy’ with an ominous message ‘Guess Who?’. Devotee’s to the series will recognize the character as a non animatronic doll found within the Freddy Fazbear’s hallways and rooms. It could also be a reference to the puppet character from the second game, that required player to crank a music box to keep at bay. 

Along side the creepy image is the number 10. Some have speculated that it’s a clue towards the release date of the game, possibly on March 10th. Obviously the game being out now kind of kills that. However maybe it means the Android version is coming on March 10th?

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Gaming today

As a keen console gamer for three decades it is clear that significant changes have occurred in the industry. In the early 8 bit and 16 bit generations, products shipped to retailers, were reviewed, and if they were good (or had a sizeable marketing budget) then they would join the honourable yet foul stench of bad feet and good nutsacks in the bedrooms of teenage boys. This was possible only after pestering their parents for the requisite £39.99 for a game that may typically last between two and ten hours from start to finish. Continue reading

The latest on Valve’s Steam OS, Steam Link, and Steam Machines


So heres the latest to report on Valve’s Steam OS and Steam Machine initiative. In the meantime things have been rolling along, and at GDC Valve announced a large number of updates. These cover a range of topic including a finalized Steam Controller, the new Steam Link, and a slate of Steam Machines from fourteen different manufacturers also the SteamVR.

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Valve’s Steam Machines Will Officially Launch In November


“Steam Machines will supposedly sell at the same pricing as current gen gaming systems, with boosted performance,” Valve has said.

The greatly anticipated living room PCs will finally go on the market this November with a special Steam controller and a streaming device called the “Steam Link” that will allow for game streaming from a PC or Steam Machine at 1080p/60HZ, according to the lovely folks at Valve.

Here’s what the Steam Link looks like:


Valve’s Steam Machines Will Officially Launch In November

The idea of the Steam Machine has always been a bit unclear, but essentially, Valve is teaming up with hardware manufacturers to release a variety of different living-room gaming PCs that will be available at various price points with a variety of specs and if you take Valve at their word, it’ll be more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One.

HTC hints at Half-life virtual reality video game


HTC’s chairwoman has said she “hopes” a Half-life video game will be one of the titles released for her company’s virtual-reality headset.

Cher Wang was speaking a day after HTC revealed it was working with games publisher Valve to put its VR helmet on sale before the end of the year.

Half-life is perhaps Valve’s most famous and best-loved franchise.

However, we understands that Valve is not planning to make an announcement about the game at this time.

There have been unconfirmed rumours for years that the US company has been working on a fresh instalment.

HTC reveals virtual reality headset with Valve


The HTC Vive will be paired with wireless controllers and tracking technology to let wearers explore computer-generated environments by walking round their rooms.

The machines let wearers view computer-generated 3D environments to give them a sense of being there.

A test version of the kit will go on sale to developers shortly, followed by a public edition later this year.

It will compete with Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Morpheus VR headsets.

The Vive headset was developed in conjunction with Valve, creators of such ground-breaking games as Portal and Half-Life. HTC manufactures some of the finest consumer electronics on the planet and Valve is an unrivaled architect of virtual worlds, so you know the collaboration is something special. Vive is powered by Valve’s SteamVR so plenty of games that take advantage of its capabilities will soon be available on the Steam service.

Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty review – gourmet remake


This remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was first released on Playstation 4 last year. Us PC aficionados have had to wait another nine months to revisit Abe’s escape from Rupture Farms and subsequent liberation of his Mudokon buddies. Fortunately, it was well worth the wait, because New ‘n’ Tasty is about as good as a remake gets.


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GTA V on PC delayed to April this time


the delay of Grand Theft Auto V is now 14th April Rockstar’s ability to stick to a PC release schedule had been in poor health for some time, but has now.

First it was coming in January 2015, then it was coming in March and today GTA V is said to be arriving in April. Until we get to about mid-March and then it’ll be coming in May, probably.

“Our apologies to PC gamers worldwide who have been counting down the days until the launch of [GTA V],” says whoever has his fingers at the keys of Rockstar’s official site. “But a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC.”