Do you think Mincraft is to violent?


Turkey’s government is looking into allegations that the popular computer game Minecraft is too violent, it’s reported.

The game is classified as suitable for children aged seven and over in much of Europe, and for those older than 10 in the United States. But Turkey’s family and social policies minister, Aysenur Islam, has ordered an investigation over suggestions that it promotes aggression, the Haberturk website reports. If it’s considered too violent, then the government could seek a nationwide ban, the website says. The move was prompted by a journalist who told Mrs Islam that players get points for killing other characters – including women – and asked what her ministry would be doing about it. The Pan European Game Information group, which assigns ratings to computer games, says Minecraft contains “non-realistic-looking violence towards characters which, although human, are not very detailed”.

Top 5 Android games on the market at the moment

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This second installment from Gameloft in The Amazing Spider-Man series of games based off of the movie is every bit improved over the original, with more than just enhanced gameplay. Continue reading

0.9.0 Update! Everything You Need To Know – Minecraft Pocket Edition


So it’s been a while since we spoke about Minecraft Pocket edition but word on the grape vine is all those lovely little elves

at Mojang have been working hard to get the 0.9.0 update ready.

There is no set release date yet but it’s looking like some point in April

Below are all the features that are set to come – 

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Set In Stone Gaming Android app nearly completed

So its taken a while and a few attempt but we now have a fully functional Android app!!

Check out the images bellow to see how it will look we are also looking for a few Beta testers to try it out and give

us their feedback if you are interested in doing this send us a message on Facebook link is below.

Website feed

Website feed

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.0 update Minecarts working

minecraft minecarts


so its been a while since we here at Set In Stone Gaming talked about Minecraft Pocket Edition but with the newest update (0.8.0) just around the corner we thought we would talk a little bit about what we will be getting in this much anticipated update. Continue reading

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First Impressions of the Ouya


Right, so I just borrowed the Ouya from my work today. For those who don’t know what an Ouya is, it’s an android based console which displays portable and sometimes Retro games in HD. Anyway, I set it all up by finding my internet connection (which is mandatory if you want this console) then put all my personal details in, including my card details. Okay pretty standard so far. So just as I was getting all excited about finally trying this console, after hearing amazing things about, it hit me with an update. Yet again pretty standard. 40 FRICKEN MINUTES to update an android based console through a fast Virgin Media connection… really?

Anyway, when the update FINALLY came through, I got to the homepage which had 4 options; Play, Discover, Make and Manage. Cool, nice little layout, pretty simplistic, I like it… WRONG. I really didn’t enjoy it. First of all, I heard that it was a completely free game-based console but nope! The only free things on it through, what looks like the Android Play Store, were demos and SOME emulators. So I downloaded a couple of demos and tried them out and OH GOD the control system is soooo awkward, even for the most basic games. So I threw that idea out the window and decided to give one the emulators a shot, so I choose an N64 emulator (standard). Cool, so how do I get the roms onto it? What it doesn’t say is you need to download them on your PC and transfer them, via USB stick, across. So after all that faffing around, it started searching for the one and only rom I decided to download for it, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Couldn’t find it! I searched through complicated settings on the Ouya’s version on the emulator and finally got to the USB stick. Yay I got it to work! … for a few minutes, until the lag popped in. So I gave up and turned off the console.


I don’t normally do this with new toys but for some something that was meant to be so simple and easy to use, became long and tedious. I’ve now factory reset the console and giving it back to the shop tomorrow. It seems this console was made for people to game without paying extortionate prices for online fees and brand new games but, the Ouya is not for me.

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Planned updates for Minecraft pocket edition



Tapping and holding on creepers with flint and steel will cause them to ignite (Exclusive Feature)
Realms fixes
Tool breaking sound
Slightly darker clouds (PC Minecraft colored)


Powered Rails (always powered.)
Redstone (mineable and used to craft, but can’t be used as Redstone dust until after 0.9.0)
Redstone Ore now drops Redstone Dust when mined
Flint and Steel in Creative Mode


New Biomes
Plans to port Minecraft PC world generation, potentially allowing for infinite worlds, generated structures, and increased world height.