Half Minute Hero (SMNCUB) Review

Half Minute Hero is almost exactly as the title describes.
It’s an RPG where each entry can be done in a matter of seconds, but seriously don’t let that put you off – this game pulls it off incredibly well…

(Already onto the 11th game?!)

The Story
The game revolves around a hero who has to stop Dark Lords from casting a “spell of destruction” which will end the world in 30 seconds unless something drastic is done – luckily this hero can level up pretty fast.
The story is VERY BASIC and each entry has almost the same scenario, apart from differing sidequests and dialogue. There’ll always be someone ready to destroy the world.
You might be thinking…how on earth can I beat an RPG in 30 seconds? Don’t I need to grind levels?
Yes you do, but luckily you have a Time Goddess on your side who can reset the 30 seconds at a cost. The cost in gold increases every time you do this, so you can’t abuse it, but it makes it easier to grind enemies.
As for grinding, you’ll notice right away that you’ll leveling up after every battle. Each battle is only a few seconds long, so this game feels like as if you’re playing an RPG at ludicrous speed (as if you were using an emulator).

(The world is ending again? – Examples of the different game styles…)

The game by default starts off in a style that looks like a flash animation, but right away you can change the graphics style on the main menu to that of classing RPGs like the Final Fantasy games on GBA / the original POKe’MON games.
As I’ve meantion before about the Time Goddess resetting the clock, this makes each entry longer than 30 seconds, although I did beat the first game/level in 56 seconds…

After each entry the credits roll. I personally find this hilarious!
It’s only been a couple of minutes since I saw them last!

Half Minute Hero is a brilliant game unlike any other I’ve ever played. It gives you the chance to play as little or as long as you like, as each entry is pretty small, yet they’re very addictive. Later into the game other characters stories can be played and there is actually hours of gameplay to be had in total. Fans of RPGs will enjoy the feel of the game, and how something that would normally take 40+ hours can be done in the time it takes to run a bath. I must also add that the boss battle theme for this game is amazing!
7/10 – Pretty good (obviously not as good as a real RPG, but it is addictive…)
You can purchase this game on steam right now for just £1.74