We’re an independent gaming review company made up from a few friends who all enjoy exactly the same thing; GAMING!

Even though some of us don’t exactly have the same taste in games and especially don’t have the same opinions of certain ones, we promise to give you guys a full, honest opinion of any current or upcoming games.


The Team



Luke was the person who thought about creating Set In Stone Gaming and decided to bring Adam on board. Luke’s gaming passions are mainly Japanese and turn-based RPGs, from the Final Fantasy series all the way to the Tales Of series.

Interests: Hardcore Metal, Anime, Whiskey & Rum, Comics

Favourite Game: Finial Fantasy X

Favourite Genre: Japanese RPG


signature pic

Adam was one of the co-founders of Set In Stone Gaming. Starting gaming at a very young age Adam found a love for all things retro. With this love for retro however he also didn’t shy away from the modern.

Interests: Heavy Metal, Anime, Films, Whiskey

Favourite Game: Far Cry 3

Favourite Genre: First Person RPG.




Craig is another of Set In Stone’s co-founders he is a big fan of retro and indie games

you will find him normally playing the N64 or the Sega mega drive but he doesn’t shy away from his Xbox 360.

Interests: comic’s, Anime, Horror Films and computers

Favourite Game: Metal Gear Solid

Favourite Genre: Retro.

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