Top 5 Android games on the market at the moment

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This second installment from Gameloft in The Amazing Spider-Man series of games based off of the movie is every bit improved over the original, with more than just enhanced gameplay.
The graphics are better, the gameplay is more vast and open world allowing the gamer to explore, and the combo based action and combat is much better than before. Just like you’d expect you can climb walls, web-sling around the city, and face off against some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes. The only downside we can really see here is that the game does require an internet connection to play. Still, even with that drawback the game pulled off a spot in the top 10 this month. You can pick up The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from the play Store for just £2.99 and get to saving the world.

Epoch 2

Epoch 2 actually came out right at the end of March, but the continuation of a compelling story and riveting action packed gameplay set forth by the premise of being the sole hero in a robot controlled future was too much to pass up for a top 10 game of April, and we couldn’t very well add it to the March list as it had already been posted. Epoch 2 continues the adventure of Epoch,(the last remaining Robot sworn to protect Princess Amelia) where you must battle out against legions of other robots hell bent on bringing you down. The saga in Epoch 2 takes you on a journey to attempt to bring back humanity from the brink, and discover how earth fell to the robots along the way. Just like in Epoch, Epoch 2 has tons of weapons and armor upgrades that you can equip to best your opponents in battle. The game will set you back £2.78. You can grab Epoch 2 from the Play Store now and work towards saving the world.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

The remake of the one the classic adventure ridden dungeon crawler games from the 90′s is back and better than ever, and finally on Android. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced edition has been a long time coming to the mobile platform, and not only comes with the original 60+ hour long epic campaign, plus a couple expansions for free. You can also purchase four more expansions for the game as downloadable content, which should pretty much give you all the gameplay time you’ll need. The game will set you back £6.99 for the original game campaign plus two expansions, and you can pick it up from the Play Store as of now and being your epic journey.

Warhammer 40K: Storm Of Vengeance

We’ve been waiting a while for the first Warhammer game to pop up on Android, and it’s finally here. Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance is a real time lane based strategy game that has 50 missions per faction and is set in the memorable Warhammer Universe. You’ll have powerful skills and abilities that are focused on each faction so play can be different each time depending on who you play as. you can play campaign style or even play in the cross platform multiplayer against friends or randoms on iOS or Android. There are in depth skill trees to master, and tons of battles that ensue. The game will set you back £2.99 and you can grab it from the Play Store whenever you’re ready to do battle.

The Walking Dead: Season One

Telltale Games long awaited Android adaption of The Walking Dead: Season One dropped earlier this month and boy was it worth the wait. This episodic series of games promises hours of enjoyment based off of the popular AMC hit series. While many may have already played the game on other platforms, if this is your first time experiencing the game it’s one to enjoy. The first episode is free of course, with all of the other episodes available as DLC through IAP inside the game. You can purchase the episodes separately, but if you buy them all as a bundle you save money. You can grab The Walking Dead: Season One from the Play Store anytime you’re ready to face the shambling horde. Recommended to wear headphones while you play for that extra little something.

Think we missed something or you think there is a better game out there let us know in the comments below we always love to hear your views.

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