Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.0 update Minecarts working

minecraft minecarts


so its been a while since we here at Set In Stone Gaming talked about Minecraft Pocket Edition but with the newest update (0.8.0) just around the corner we thought we would talk a little bit about what we will be getting in this much anticipated update. Continue reading

Spec Ops: The Line Review


Spec-Ops: The Line

So in my last review ( ok, ok, it was a long time ago I appreciate) I said that I was worried that Bioshock would set the bar too high and I’d never think a game could entice me in the same way and you know what I was sort of right. Every time I’ve gone into a game shop everything has sort of lost it’s sheen, nothing seems appealing. To overcome this I’ve thrown myself into the retro ( FF7, Silent Hill 2&3), the mass appeal ( Assassin creed 3) and the unconventional (XCOM- Enemy Unknown). After all of that I thought perhaps I’d better just get some reviewing done or Luke and Adam might be mean to me.

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Set in Stone Plays Injustice Gods Among Us Finale

The last few battles in this epic series shall be played in this final episode, Who will win Adam or Kristian? (Would have said Craig too but we all know this is a two horse race now)