Super Smash Bros By Daniel Estephane


Basically I’m a Nintendo fan… I mean I love all computer games, but Nintendo has a special place in my heart just because they have been the creators of some of my favourite games, characters and stories that I’ve played. They’ve also come out with icons like Mario and Samus, dominated the handheld market and even helped keep Sega’s most popular character alive; Sonic. But even after all this, these past couple of years I’ve started to feel let down by them, and at the same time conflicted.

   Nintendo changed. The Wii arose, claiming to be not only a games console, but a fitness device as well. pfft! They said it was branching out, engaging families, into the gaming ‘fun’, something for everyone to enjoy, again pfft! to me this was just tricking people who didn’t play computer games to buy a console, whilst at the same time letting down their original, true gamer fans. This all became obvious when the gimmick wore off and the parents stopped playing. All the games became really childish and people stopped jumping around their living rooms and started playing the Wii with one hand, sat on their sofa whilst having a sandwich in the other hand. Nintendo tried to redeem this by stating that the Wii U was reaching back out to the gamers and getting some better, more action packed titles, but even that is yet to be seen.


Right, now this is the part where I’m feeling conflicted. There is a game series that has been released on the last three consoles before the Wii U, it’s a game that I love dearly. This is, in my opinion, the greatest fighting game series of all time, Super Smash Bros! No other Nintendo game have I ever enjoyed more than this. For me and my friends this is not a game, it’s a sport.

For all those who don’t know, Smash Bros is a bright and colourful, hyperactive, four player beat ‘em up. where the roster consists of loads of different Nintendo characters, past and present, beating the hell out of each other, plus and the levels are based on places from the Nintendo world; Pokemon Stadium, Mushroom Kingdom etc.


  Now as I said, I love this game, I play it religiously. I could talk for hours about this game. (If this were a review of that game it would be endless, but it’s not). It’s a look at Nintendo and the predicament they have put me in. I played Smash Bros on the N64 and loved it, I owned Smash Bros Melee on the GameCube and that truly got me hooked, THEN the Wii came out, saw this and was ashamed. I didn’t want anything to do with it. but then they announced a new Smash Bros and I couldn’t resist. I bought a Wii for the sole purpose of playing Smash Bros. and now the same thing has happened all over again. I saw the Wii U and I was, once more, ashamed, Nintendo had just created another gimmick machine, another novelty ready to get put on the shelf next to the Wii to gather dust. I swore off buying one again, until a couple of months ago…. when Nintendo revealed that they were making Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. GODDAMMIT!!!!!

Written By Daniel Estephane

2DS… Really Nintendo?

So it’s be announced that Nintendo are releasing the 2DS on October 12th. Why is it called the 2DS I hear you say… well it basically plays 3DS games but on a 2D screen. Okay, I admit it will be good for those who suffer with headaches and such when playing 3D games but just turn the 3D off, COME ON! As you can tell I’m not one to agree with this console as I see no possible way this could benefit any one. But for those which want to fall into Nintendo’s money trap, be my guest (you will probably have to buy a charger separately, just like the 3DS XL). The price Nintendo are asking for it £109.99 which in my opinion is a load of bogus. It gets released the same day as the new Pokemon games so that might be why they have decided to do it, as Pokemon X & Y are only available on 3DS. Me … I’m sticking to my 3DS, does everything a DS needs to do PLUS I can see 3D games the way they were meant to be played.


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J Star Victory Vs

So recently there has been news about a Japanese beat em up called J Star Victory Vs. It’s basically a standard beat em up but, by the look of things, with Dragonball Z controls and combos (which is understandable since the game is from Japan AND features Goku). The game features many of our favourite anime characters from the likes Dragonball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto and more! Personally I can’t wait for it but whether they will release over here in the western part of the world is undecided. As it’s being released for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita later on this year, it should be region free to play ( I don’t mind playing it as long as it has English subtitles,  Oh wait… I don’t care if it has subtitles, I’m going to play the hell out of it!). Anywho, thought I would like you guys know that a ‘possible’ amazing game will be hitting us in the face anytime soon so look out.


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Planned updates for Minecraft pocket edition



Tapping and holding on creepers with flint and steel will cause them to ignite (Exclusive Feature)
Realms fixes
Tool breaking sound
Slightly darker clouds (PC Minecraft colored)


Powered Rails (always powered.)
Redstone (mineable and used to craft, but can’t be used as Redstone dust until after 0.9.0)
Redstone Ore now drops Redstone Dust when mined
Flint and Steel in Creative Mode


New Biomes
Plans to port Minecraft PC world generation, potentially allowing for infinite worlds, generated structures, and increased world height.

Battlefield 4 player count

So it’s been confirmed that Battlefield 4 will be able to host 64 player matches. I know most games that will be released will have larger matches but DICE have decided to stick to 64. Were not quite sure how many players will be allowed on a over server just yet but knowing Microsoft, they will boost that by possibly double.

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Metal gear solid 2 and 3 HD edition only £7.49 on Xbox live


So for all you diehard Metal Gear fans out there I just found this beauty on Xbox live at the moment. Two amazing games for a very good price looks like I’m treating myself this week.Grab it while you can as we dont know when it will go back to its original price.