The next Minecraft PE updates coming soon


So for those of you who play Minecraft PE (pocket edition) these are the updates coming your way in the next update 7.3.

Added ability to reset your realms.

Small changes on login/sessions.

Splash text on Menu Screen.

Sun, Moon, and stars.

Spider’s eyes now glow in the dark.

Double chest.

Chests now have an open/close animation and sound.

Zombie and Skeleton visually burn in the morning.

Bug fixes:
Fix Login Problem

MCPE-3988 – Furnace crash bug *SEVERE*

MCPE-3989 – Inventory bug (throwing items in hand while in a gui)

MCPE-4122 – Glowing Obsidian can yield resources with an Iron pickaxe, but obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond one.

MCPE-4546 – Capital “W” can’t be typed.

DroidGamers Hosts Dead on Arrival 2 Beta


N3V Games and DroidGamers have teamed up to host the official open beta for the multiplayer gameplay for N3V Games upcoming title Dead on Arrival 2.
To participate in this open beta, you will need to register on the official Dead on Arrival 2 site as a beta tester. That way you’ll be able to log into the game as well as the beta forums to report any issues. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to download the game either from the Dead on Arrival 2 website or through DroidGamers as they are the official mirror for the beta APK file.
For complete details visit DroidGamers:

Rapture to return to Bioshock in just announced DLC

So Irrational Games are currently developing the first batch of DLC for Bioshock Infinite… set in Rapture! I can imagine you’re thinking exactly what I am at this moment, finally!

The DLC will be named ‘Burial At Sea’, a two-part campaign set in Rapture itself where you will continue to play as Booker and Elizabeth. Bioshock Infinite will also be releasing a challenge pack called ‘Clash In The Clouds’ Continue reading

Android Video Game Console Roundup

Here is a quick run down of a few of the Android based consoles heading our way this year.




The Ouya console is a small metal box that holds a Tegra 3 processor and other smartphone components. Ouya uses a custom Android skin that accesses its own game store. There are hundreds of games available for the Ouya, with the standout game being TowerFall, a sort of medieval take on Super Smash Bros.-style fighting games. Continue reading

Reliving my teenage years. “The Emo Game” Review.


So if you were anything like me in your teenage years you had a big floppy fringe, wore guy-liner and always had your trousers around your back side… No? OK just me then. Well I was an emo kid, you know those kids that just looked like clones of each other? ahhhh those where the days, but this isn’t about me. But back in 2002 a developer that went by the name of “Jason oda” made a game called …… drum roll please…….. “THE EMO GAME”. Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 3 review

So recently I decided to review a few older games and thought I’d start off with Dead Or Alive 3 for the Xbox.
If I wrote this when it first came out would be a completely different review because now I am looking at it with more knowledge of the gaming industry I probably would of used words like “EPIC” or “AMAZING” but not today. Set In Stone Gaming would love to hear your own views on this game as well. So lets dive in shall we. Continue reading

Beyond Good And Evil world “too big and open for current gen consoles”


It would appear (to no suprise) that Beyond Good And Evil 2 will NOT be gracing us with its presence on this generation. Michael Ancel told Eurogamer that the game will be a much more massive affair than its predecessor. The limits imposed by last generation left the developers “feeling frustrated” that they couldn’t do more with the game. Looks like they are shooting for the starts because even this current generation is not good enough.