Sonic the Hedgehog: the memories of a blue blur.



 I’ve always had a tendency to attach myself to series of things. I’ve never felt like one instalment was ever enough, if you’re going to enjoy something you may as well make it enough to run a religion off of. Of all the series I love; Dragon Ball, Metal Gear Solid, Gundam, Pokemon, Prince of Persia Sand Quadtrilogy, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken… there’s one that topples all others. He’s blue. I think you already know who it is. Of course I’m talking about the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Pheonix Wright trilogy hits iOS next week.


The official release date of this remade trilogy is May 30th says Capcom. As a taster for fans who are unsure if the game is for them you will be able to download the first two sections of the first game absolutely free. The trilogy will cost $16.99 for American customers so we can expect something in the range of £12 for the set. This may see like a high price for iOS users but remember that these are in fact three full games for less price than the original were.

Xbox One used game fee is £34!


New information has emerged with cross referencing of every site that sells used games that the fee for activating a used game (Which could still cost  you up to £30) will be £34. This means that for many gamers buying used games will end up costing more money than if they were to buy the product brand new.


Will this crash and burn the Xbox One?


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Pokemon X and Y: Which Pokemon have been revealed so far?

New Starters:



Interestingly, Chespin is the first mammal-based Grass starter, with the rest of them being more reptilian in design. Rumour has it, that Chespin will have a Grass/Ground evolutionary line, much like Turtwig. Continue reading

Why I play Roguelikes! (And why you should too!)


Many of you will be familiar with the term “rougelike”.
Hard, often impossible to finish, but normally very rewarding games, usually featuring “permadeath” (no respawns/loading saves when you die). Continue reading

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection to be released July 9th.


Those of you who were disappointed that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection left out the original Metal Gear Solid will be happy to see that everything is included in this “Legacy Collection”. Unfortunately it will only be available on PlayStation 3. Kojima explains this by stating that MGS4 is simply too big to fit on normal size discs without the need to change discs four or five times.